Date: 5.12.15
Meeting Called to Order By: Gaby Aranda-Schwob Attendance: 5


Location: Cedar Ridge Cafeteria Room B Meeting called to order at: 9:50am


~ Year in review: Read-A-Thon, Carnival, Teacher Appreciation, Wish List ~ Vote on 2015-16 PTO budget
~ Vote on new 2015-16 PTO board positions
~ Outdoor classroom idea


-PTO President Gaby Aranda-Schwob called the meeting to order. President updates:

Katie and Gaby announce that they plan on having set office hours one day a week starting in the Fall. They are also working on streamlining the process for credit card use.

Year in Review

  • -  Katie Cole, PTO Co-President spoke on the year in review.

  • -  Another successful year of fundraisers. Both the Read-a-Thon and Carnival continue to do very well and raise funds for our school.

  • -  Due to the success of the Read-a-Thon, we were able to grant over 98% of the teacher’s wish lists this year.

  • -  Teacher Appreciation week. Teachers commented on how grateful they were for the acknowledgement.

    PTO 2015-16 Budget


  • -  Sixth grade Clap Out. We discussed the possibility of purchasing pom poms for all students to use during the event. This is a one-time cost as they will be collected at the end of the event.

  • -  Eliminating the Spring Book Fair but the PTO will donate $2,500 to the library to help fund purchase of new books.

- Docutec costs are being dramatically reduced from 5k to 2.5k, as we are sending more and more messages and documents by email.

Gaby motions to approve the 2015-16 PTO budget. Motion seconded by Malina Davies. Motion passed unanimously. 2015-16 PTO budget approved.

2015-16 PTO Board positions

Proposed 2015-16 PTO Board: Katie Cole - President
Kerry Brown – Vice President Gaby Aranda-Schwob - Treasurer Ryan Wieber – Assistant Treasurer Malina Davies - Secretary

Kelly Derouin – Volunteer Coordinator
Vanessa Nordstrom – Communications Manager

Katie Cole moves to approve the proposed 2015-16 PTO Board positions. Amy Strezo seconds the motion. All in favor of the 2015-16 PTO Board positions. Motion passed unanimously.

Outdoor Classroom

Will plan a Parent’s Night Out (PNO) in order to fund the Outdoor Classroom for sometime during the 2015-16 school year, with construction to occur during Summer 2016.

Amy Strezo suggests Bearpath as a possible location for the Parent’s Night Out. The want is to have the first PNO be accessible to all parents and Bearpath might be a little pricy. Brunswick Zone is also suggested as a possible venue.

Possibility of moving the Live Auction from the Carnival to the PNO was discussed. With the thought it might allow parents to spend more time on reviewing the items and on bidding.

Timing suggestions are a Friday night in April as there is a lull in sports and other activities for a few weeks then. Dates proposed are 4/22/16 or 4/29/16.

Next steps are getting pricing and availability for the venue and creating a planning committee. Amy Strezo will follow up with Brunswick Zone in regards to availability and pricing. Once we have that in place, we will reach out to school parents in order to form the planning committee


Gaby Aranda-Schwob thanked everyone for coming and moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Kerry.

Meeting Adjourned At: 10:29am
Minutes Compiled By: Kerry Brown, Secretary