Outdoor Classroom

The Cedar Ridge Outdoor classroom is complete and being used by many of the teachers across many of the grades. This is an exciting time at Cedar Ridge, as teachers are able to incorporate outdoor learning into their curriculum and open up the doors of possibilities for your kids to learn and grow in a whole new way. If you have not had a chance to check it out yet, go and see it with your family. It is quite an experience.

This classroom is ampitheater style seating and has a huge white board at the front. It can seat up to 150 students (Fits an entire grade). There are 4 standing activity tables built into the hill behind the seating for students to stand and learn, observe, explore and dig deeper into outdoor learning. This is a huge resource we are so excited to present on behalf of the families, staff, students, City and the PTO Thank you for helping us bring this outdoor classroom to life.